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June 18, 2011 - Click here for all the information you need for June 18th

Page history last edited by Kenny Varner 12 years, 10 months ago

To do list for – June 18


1.       Complete readings 1 and 2

2.        Hector Pieterson Assignment Due
3.       Be in contact with Media Analysis Group (Presentation is Next Week)
4.       Create plan for Autobiography Assignment

5.       Work on and bring chapbook to class

6.       Have a fabulous week!



Readings Due


  1. Loutzenheizer  - How Schools Play Smear The Queer    Loutzenheiser, L.W. How schools play smear the queer.pdf  


     2.  Bloome - Learning To Read Is Who You Are Bloome.pdf



OPTIONAL (We will not discuss next week)


   McDermott - Culture as Disability Culture as disability.pdf

Loutzenheiser – Citizenships and Sexualities Loutzenheiser, L.W. & MacIntosh, L.B. Citizenshups, Sexualities, & Education.pdf


3.       Complete Experiential Assignment 1 (only if you want to stay paced to finish by 6/25) 


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