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June 25, 2011 - Click here for all the information you need for June 25th

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To Do Prior To Class *Subject to Update*


1. Complete readings 1 and 2 (note you have a choice for Reading 2 - Read one or the other or if you like both)

2. Complete Experiential Assignment 2 (if pacing to be done with end of class - if not at earliest convenience)

3. Prepare Media Analysis Group Project - Present on 6/25

5. Status Check on Autobiography Assignment

6. Have worked on and bring chapbook to class - Check on 6/25

7. Complete Case Study 1,2,or3  from TDSI website


Readings Due


  1. Haberman – Pedagogy of Poverty Habermann, M. Pedagogy of Poverty.pdf


     2. Lee – Big Picture Talkers       Lee-BigPictureTalkers.pdf

or  2. Lee – Literacy and Cultural Diversity  Lee-Literacy,CulturalDiversity.pdf



Note read either Big Picture Talkers or Literacy and Cultural Diversity unless you wish to read both.

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